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Our Story

Renascence & Partners LLC is part of the Renascence Group, which has become a trusted provider of cross-border investment and estate advice for individuals and families around the world.

With the vision and experience to back it up, we originally set out with a simple, enduring belief: that we would disrupt an industry and change the nature of international investment advice to be based on client advocacy, not salesmanship. 

We are proud that the heart of our philosophy and practice is stronger than ever and is continuing to

strengthen as we grow organically in an industry

filled with outdated practices.

Being independently owned, we are completely unconflicted and unbiased in our outlook: with no public shareholders, external investors and free from conflicts of interest caused by large corporate ownership, our focus is solely to serve our clients.

Casper Anwar, Founding Partner and Chief Adviser

the journey

Renascence was born from an amalgamation of the experiences of our Founding Partners, Casper Anwar and Jordan Buckley. Having worked together side-by-side for several years at a large "independent" wealth manager, a large "tied" wealth manager as well as a boutique hedge fund based in Shanghai, Casper and Jordan saw clearly the pitfalls of international investment advice and management.

They quickly realised that the international advisory industry was outdated and riddled with salespeople as opposed to advisers, opaqueness as opposed to transparency and self-interest as opposed to fiduciary responsibility. It was this understanding that forced them to create a new way to help people make important financial and lifestyle decisions.

In the summer of 2017, Renascence Capital, a Multi-Family Office catering to internationally mobile clientele, was born in Shanghai. With a core competence of understanding financial markets, the team set out to create a pragmatic investment philosophy based on rigorous thematic research that translates insights into competitive returns.

In 2019, Renascence welcomed Lawrence Russo and Zachary Linaker to lead the UK pension arm of the firm. As the two leading UK pension specialists in Asia, they both shared the vision of helping to build a business intent on creating positive change.

With a number of existing clients moving from Asia to the USA, the company's expansion into the US market was a natural progression. With existing networks in place and an enduring demand for truly independent, expert advice, specifically regarding UK and US pension assets, Renascence & Partners LLC is dedicated to providing the most personalised advice and distinctive portfolio management services to clients across the USA and beyond.


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