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At Renascence & Partners we always take a long term approach with our clients and it is our responsibility to guide you through the market cycle. For every client we produce a tailored investment plan that serves as a roadmap for our relationship. When constructing investment portfolios and solutions we take a very cost sensitive approach as we understand the effect high fees can have on portfolio growth and value. We understand that investment policy and asset allocation must be dynamic. It is not a “set it and forget it” proposition. Circumstances change and the most successful investment plans must be flexible. All of our advisors are US licensed Advisory Representatives.


Our relationship with you is comprehensive.

We are active participants in every dimension of your financial life. The process begins with a detailed understanding of your situation, values and goals. We analyse this information to establish a balance of income and growth that will fit your needs both now and in the future.


Financial Advice Wherever You Are.

Financial Advice Wherever You Are.



At Renascence & Partners we understand that our clients tend to be regularly on the move and sometimes in remote locations. By utilising the latest communication technology available, Renascence & Partners provide a number of ways to always keep in touch with your adviser that go beyond the traditional methods of contact.

All clients are provided with online access to their portfolio so you can always keep track of your investments wherever you are.


Due Diligence

Due Diligence


A few quick and simple checks may save you from dealing with an unscrupulous financial professional, a disreputable firm or paying higher fees than you expected. It’s worth checking any disciplinary problems or disputes, this can be easily done by visiting the broker check website and searching for both the investment adviser firm and the individual adviser. Any FINRA/SEC registered adviser firm will be able to provide you with the companies CRD number which will help you identify them.

Check the background of our advisers on the Investment Adviser Public Disclosure page.

If you are approached by a firm that is not properly licenced and registered here in the US or not authorised to offer advice here, there is a government whistle blowers website you can visit and report any company that is not registered.

The SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) takes this very seriously and in some cases, offer a reward for information leading to successful action.

  • How are you remunerated?
    Disclosure of the fees and costs you will pay is disclosed in the Beacon Global Advisor Network, LLC Form ADV which you will be provided and is available at the Investment Adviser Public Disclosure page When managing portfolios your advisor is compensated on a management fee basis which is based on the total assets they manage and therefore it is in your adviser's interest to create growth in portfolio values.
  • Can you recommend only a limited number of products or services to me? If so, why?"
    No, we can offer you a whole of market suite of products and have terms set up with many providers. If there is a provider we currently don’t have terms with, they can be set up very quickly.
  • What licenses do you or your firm hold? Are you registered with the SEC, a state, or FINRA?"
    Beacon Global Advisor Network, LLC (BGAN) is registered as an investment adviser with the Securities and Exchange Commission and noticed filed with various states where it does not qualify for an exemption. Its advisory representatives who are based in the United States are licensed under BGAN at a minimum in the state where they maintain a place of business. Registration and licensing does not imply a certain level of skill or education and does not imply that any regulator approves or passes upon the advice or services offered or provided. Licensed advisory representatives typically means the individual has passed and maintains either a Series 65 or Series 7 and 66, or a state accepted US professional designation.
  • Where are you based and where is your office based in the United States?
    From our office in the heart of Miami’s main financial district, GWM USA’s team of licensed advisory representatives provide advice to international investors across the country. GWM USA is a division of GWM, a global financial advisory firm with offices in Middle East, Central Europe and the UK.
  • What experience do you have dealing with people in a similar situation to mine?
    GWM Global has been helping people like you for over 20 years. Prior to opening GWM USA in 2017, our team have decades of experience in many countries dealing with clients and holistic financial planning advice.
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